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Which of the small family cars currently on the market best suits your needs?
Bristol Street Motors

Which small family car should you buy?

Which small family car should you buy?

"Buying a brand new car is the second biggest purchase you'll ever make behind a home."

These are the words of advice offered to anyone entering the new car market for the first time.

However, apart from stating the obvious these words are not a great deal of help, leaving you to just smile back and thank the wisdom imparter through gritted teeth.

However, fret not, as here at Bristol Street Motors we are more than equipped to help you make a decision on which is the best family car for you.

As you are now probably all too aware, there are countless options for those looking to buy a new car to transport their growing family in comfort.

So in order not to make a mistake on the "the second-biggest purchase of your life" you need to do think what your priorities are.

Obviously safety, price, comfort and economy are important but there are two things you as the person behind the wheel should also take into account: drivability and style.

It goes without saying that you and your loved ones should be secure and comfortable but there are ways to achieves this and still purchase a car that is enjoyable to drive and easy on the eye.

One way to help you make up your mind is to look at the various awards ceremonies and see which cars come highly recommended.

While such events are not the be all and end all, they can point you in the right direction, and if voted for by fellow drivers carry that extra bit of weight.

With that in mind, we take a look at the recently-announced nominees for the What Car? Small Family Car of the Year.

Here there is something for everything depending on the list of priorities.

For the eco-concious the Nissan Leaf has caught the imagination of drivers across the UK, while for those looking for reliability and style the Ford Focus comes with the assurances offered by the well-known Blue Oval and the good looks of Ford current styling trend.

Many driver's are told to invest in "solid German cars" and last year's winner, the VW Golf, is also nominated this year.

And while Vauxhall is not a name always associated with style, the new Astra GTC will offer a sporty, fun-to-drive, and eye-watering way to drop the kids off at the school gate.

If you're still confused and no closer to making a decision, why not pop into your local Bristol Street Motors dealership and ask for some more advice.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg