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Wirelessly charge your electric car from 2017

Wirelessly charge your electric car from 2017

Wireless car charging technology may be making its debut in Formula E over the coming weeks but the feature will be available to everyone from 2017, according to Techradar.

Using Qualcomm's Halo charging technology, there will be a wireless charging pad bolted to the ground and another bolted to the underside of the car which, when put parallel to each other, will charge the car without the use of wires.

It works by the floor pad generating an electromagnetic field in the space above it, with an average height of around 150mm.

Techradar wrote that VP of development and marketing for electric vehicles at Qualcomm Anthony Thompson, said we will see "the first wireless charging consumer cars by 2017".

"These won't be cheap cars, the first consumer wirelessly charging electric cars will be premium vehicles, and the technology will then filter down to other models in lower price brackets.

"One car manufacturer has told me that wireless car charging is a 10 year game for them. They predict that about 50 per cent of their vehicles will have an electric power train in the next 10 years and they seriously doubt by then any of those will be plug-ins." Tompson said.

by: Danielle Bagnall