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Bristol Street Motors Used Car Preparation

Are you looking for a used car? Worried that it won't have been checked? Fear not. At Bristol Street Motors, we go the extra mile to prepare all used cars to the highest possible standards, giving you that 'as new' feeling. Our comprehensive preparation process ensures that your car is in the best possible shape - mechanically and cosmetically.

    Bodywork & paintwork

    There are used cars, and then there are used cars. Chips to paintwork and bumper discolouration can leave some cars looking tired and worn down. But not at Bristol Street Motors. Using our solvent-based Colour Chip technology, we check paintwork, bumpers, and mouldings thoroughly and repair any damage - to give every used car a new lease of life.


    Want more miles per gallon and a safer car? It's not that big of a secret, yet many people still don't understand the benefits of tip-top-tyres. We check tyres for tread, defects, cuts, gouges, and any other unsightly issues which are sometimes common on used vehicles. They'll look great and perform even better, saving you money and keeping you safe.


    A good set of alloy wheels can really make your car shine, yet there's nothing more frustrating than finding an unsightly scratch or dent. Sound familiar? The good news is, we can repair even the most expensive diamond cut wheels, thanks to our investment in the latest technology. The repairs are completely invisible and restore the wheels to like new. Standard for all our used cars

    Window glass & lamp lenses

    Are you guilty of ignoring small cracks in your windscreen or mirrors? We've probably all been there! But it pays to make sure you don't have any in the first place. Good news, we'll do that for you. We'll check and repair any damage to glass on all used cars, no matter how big or small, to keep you safe on the roads (and save you any unnecessary future expense).

    Vehicle interior

    It's estimated that you could spend as much as four years of your life behind the wheel of your car. Four years! Your car interior deserves to feel like a home away from home, don't you think? We'll check and repair your interior to ensure it's in peak condition, with no rips, tears, stains or damage, so you can ride in comfort.

    Controls & electrical equipment

    Unwanted distractions when driving can be annoying, unsafe and even illegal. We'll help you keep your eyes on the road, and away from your controls and electronics, which will be working seamlessly. How? By assessing electrical systems and security equipment fully for every used car, ensuring you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.