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20 years at the top for the Ford Mondeo

20 years at the top for the Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo was first launched in 1993, after 5 years of design, engineering and testing work, and a full £3 billion of investment. That's plenty of energy and money indeed, but it seems that you reap what you sow, and over the following 20 years the Mondeo has sold nearly 1.4 million units. The Mondeo has also been near or at the top of its segment sales charts for most of that double-decade, paying back that substantial investment not only in sales cash but in brand recognition and enhancement. No other manufacturer has a car with an entire voting population named after it – Mondeo Man.

And what about “Bondeo Man” when, in 2007, we saw the Mondeo fill the big screen in the hands of James Bond. A new-generation, top-of-the-range Mondeo with a sports bodykit had to be hand built and shipped to the Bahamas for Daniel Craig to drive to the island’s Ocean Club, in “Casino Royale”, a full year ahead of the car's on-sale date. Still, what wouldn't we all do for a cameo role in a Bond film, in the Bahamas!

The Mondeo nameplate might have been around for a score of years, but in its current model evolution – three all-new models later – the mid-size Ford saloon and estate is still grabbing award and headlines. It's the What Car? 2013 best family car and best estate car, and these are extremely competitive new car market segments.

The Mondeo range has pretty much covered all the car-type-bases over the years; from the fast to the frugal, to motorway-ready to racetrack-ready (in the British Touring Car Championship), and many model niches in between. Key to these sales, popularity and racing successes are accessible style, plenty of interior space and a chassis set up that always returns grip, composure and comfort. Indeed, the current generation of Mondeo is arguably the very finest car to drive in its market segment, and again, that's high praise next to the competition.

It seems that the current, multi-award winning Ford Mondeo isn't done quite yet though, even with the all-new model on the way soon. Two new Ford Mondeo models are now on sale to celebrate those 20 successful years. At just £15,995, the new Graphite model satisfies the bargain-hunters among us, while at the top of the range is a new, £21,995 Titanium X Business Edition that's packed with features like chrome-finished windows and front grille, a sumptuous full leather interior and a seven-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Congratulations Ford for 20 years on top, and well done Mondeo Man for picking a winner!

Posted by Louise Clark