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Ford drivers will breathe cleaner air thanks to new filtration system

Ford drivers will breathe cleaner air thanks to new filtration system

A new air filtration system introduced by American car manufacturer Ford means that drivers can breathe cleaner air than that found in the countryside  regardless of whether they are in congested traffic or the inner-city.

Tests in the cars with the filtration system found that the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide  which can trigger asthma  and other particles equalled or were lower than those found in rural areas.

The filtration system also blocks out up to 99 per cent of pollen and gaseous pollutants and odours. A study by Halfords Autocentres found that sneezing whilst travelling at 59 miles per hour can result in 'driving blind' for up to 20 metres. Ford's air filtration system will make driving safer by removing particles that could trigger sneezing.

The new air filtrations system has been introduced in the all-new Mondeo, S-MAX and Galaxy. It uses activated charcoal  similar to advanced gas masks, respirators, and spacesuits.

Volker Scheer, technical expert at Ford of Europe's Environment and Health department commented:
"Ford's filtration technology is of a quality one would only usually expect in luxury cars. The team drove test vehicles in areas of heavy congestion and concentrated pollution, such as tunnels and urban areas to prove out the system."

Other upgrades seen to the new Ford range include reduced engine noise via the use of opposing sound waves. Interior quality is also improved thanks to RUTH the robot - a giant arm with six joints which is used to record and analyse attributes, such as comfort and perceived quality of materials.