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The all-new Ford Kuga is packed with a raft of innovative pieces of technology.
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All-new Ford Kuga's AWD system put under the spotlight

All-new Ford Kuga's AWD system put under the spotlight

Drivers of the all-new Ford Kuga are sure to be impressed when they get to grips with the vehicle's new intelligent automated all-wheel drive (AWD) system.

With the structure in place, the American car manufacturer has stressed that its SUV is able to traverse across road surfaces covered in slippery mud, thick ice and snow flurries without a hitch.

This is because the Ford-engineered system functions by evaluating the road conditions that an all-new Ford Kuga is travelling on every 16 milliseconds. To put this time in context, it is 20 times faster than the blink of an eye.

If a change in terrain is detected by the AWD system, the technology automatically adjusts the power split from the front wheels to the rear ones.

What this strategy does is to give drivers a precise blend of handling and traction no matter the terrain, thus reducing the likelihood of wheel-spin, yaw rate error or torque steer.

Anthony Ireson, the marketing director of Ford of Britain, pointed out: “The all-new Ford Kuga’s intelligent all-wheel drive system, complete with a handy information screen displaying the torque demand on each wheel, offers improved ride and handling.

“Complemented by the Torque Vectoring System, Electronic Stability Programme, trailer sway and roll stability control, it is also easy to understand how the Kuga has achieved its five star Euro NCAP rating.”

There are plenty of other features to admire about the all-new Ford Kuga on top of its innovative AWD system, with Ford packing in a raft of other technological treats.

For one, the Active City Stop arrangement automatically enables the car to apply its brakes when travelling at low speed to avoid an inevitable collision that a driver may be oblivious to.

On top of this, Ford SYNC enhances in-car entertainment by offering motorists a system that can read out text messages when a smartphone is linked up to the SUV.

What’s more, the technology presents people with hands-free control over what music is played in the all-new Ford Kuga, as well as the ability to answer phone calls without taking the attention away from the road.

This tech-heavy Ford Kuga is ready to sample today.

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