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CitroŽn Nemo now available with new option pack

CitroŽn Nemo now available with new option pack

From March, CitroŽn's Nemo van will be available with a brand new Grip Control option pack.

The new comprehensive pack will be available on all Nemo HDi manual vans and incorporates a range of features, including Intelligent Traction Control, raised suspension, 185/65 R15 tyres, an under engine protection tray and front and rear mud flaps.

The Intelligent Traction Control (ITC) system improves vehicle traction on slippery surfaces. Where there is lack of surface adhesion, the ITC transfers drive to the wheel with the best grip. The system is activated by a button on the dashboard and is active up to 18mph. Once the vehicle's speed exceeds 18mph, the system is automatically deactivated.

CitroŽn's head of commercial vehicles and business sector operations Jeremy Smith said: "The availability of the new Grip Control option pack will further increase the versatility of the CitroŽn Nemo van. This competitively priced option provides the Nemo with the enhanced traction capability to meet most operators' off-highway requirements. A Nemo van specified with the Grip Control option will be an exceptionally economical and low-cost alternative to a larger, more expensive to run, 4x4."

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert