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Dacia Duster deemed 'one of the UK's least depreciating vehicles'

Dacia Duster deemed 'one of the UK's least depreciating vehicles'

The UK's leading residual value provider CAP has found that the Dacia Duster has a very low depreciation rating.

According to the organisation, a typical Dacia Duster will be able to retain 34 per cent of its value after being on the road for three years or once its mileage ticks over to 60,000 miles.

From a value-for-money standpoint, drivers who splash out on a brand new Duster will likely find that they save up to £3,260 more than if they had opted for one of the SUV's competitors.

Phil York, marketing director at Dacia UK, believes that the Dacia Duster has already proven to be a brilliant vehicle choice for motorists looking for practicality, reliability and affordability.

However, he was keen to add: "CAP's view just reaffirms our belief that its got bucketloads of appeal for British buyers.

"After living with one, I doubt most owners will ever want to be parted from their trusty Duster. But, if they do have to sell it, or maybe even trade it in for a newer Dacia, they won't be hugely out of pocket."

The Dacia Duster SUV launches across the UK this March.

Posted by Craig Salter