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For the second year running, Dacia scoop up the AutoTrader award for 'The Best Value Brand'.
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Dacia Is Voted 'The Best Value Brand'

Dacia Is Voted 'The Best Value Brand'

For the second consecutive year, Dacia takes home the AutoTrader award for ‘The Best Value Brand’.

An award that celebrates the manufacturer, it is no surprise that Dacia are the winners once again.

Feedback from over 60,000 drivers showed that Dacia still hold the crown for establishing value at the heart of their ethos.

Known for getting “a lot of car for your money”, Dacia is praised by owners for being “comfortable”, “a joy to ride” and for “doing all you need at a reasonable price.”

There is no better feeling than getting your money’s worth, and with a Dacia car, you won’t be disappointed.

Practical, comfortable and designed to do exactly what a car should, Dacia don’t need fancy gimmicks to make it out on top. By keeping it simple, the driver’s whole experience is made easier.

According to one customer, Dacia models “don’t try to be anything else but a good car,” making sure they stay true to who they are.

It’s no wonder Dacia are announced ‘The Best Value Brand’ again, and if you fancy getting the best car for a reasonable price, then Dacia is definitely the brand for you.  

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