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After decades of success, the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa are still as popular today as they were in the ‘70s and ‘80s. But what sets these two apart? Let’s take a look at this Fiesta and Corsa comparison.
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Ford Fiesta vs Vauxhall Corsa: Which Hatchback Reigns Supreme?

Ford Fiesta vs Vauxhall Corsa: Which Hatchback Reigns Supreme?

After decades of success, the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa are still as popular today as they were in the ‘70s and ‘80s. But what sets these two apart? Let’s take a look at this Fiesta and Corsa comparison.


Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa history

Production-wise, the Ford Fiesta has a little more experience than the Corsa. The smallest car Ford has ever produced, the Fiesta was launched in 1976 and only stopped production last year. Ford had never entered the supermini market before, and their gamble paid off. The Fiesta was known for its practicality, fun and fuel economy.

The Vauxhall Corsa joined the fight in 1982 but caught up fast. In fact, in 1998 the Corsa took the title of best-selling car in the world. With production still ongoing, it’s likely that the Corsa will continue to beat the Fiesta - at least in sales.

Both cars have been popular with both families as successful budget family cars and with first time drivers since their first production. A first car is an important decision, with safety, space and economical running all important factors. The Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa both make for excellent first car options for these reasons.


Ford Fiesta vs Vauxhall Corsa features

Looking at interiors, there isn’t much to tell them apart. Both the Fiesta and the Corsa are designed to be affordable, and their interiors reflect that. The Corsa may offer a slightly sportier look with splashes of colour themes throughout and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. But in terms of technology provided – such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto - and interior material quality, they are very evenly matched.

The Corsa has a slightly bigger infotainment screen, at 10” instead of the Fiesta’s 8”, but then the Fiesta’s 12.3” digital cluster is significantly bigger than the Corsa’s 7”. The Fiesta offers wireless charging, an upgraded sound system and a panoramic sunroof which could pip it to the post for exciting features.


However, additional extras like the desirable Alcantara seats can be added to the Corsa if luxury is what you’re after.


The Ford Fiesta size and Vauxhall Corsa size are important when considering either for your next car.

Dimensions of the cars are detailed below:

Dimensions Ford Fiesta Vauxhall Corsa
Length (mm) 4,048  4,060 
Width (mm) 1,735  1,765 
Height (mm) 1,484  1,433

Room for rear passengers and luggage is similar between the two hatchbacks too.


The Fiesta offers 292 litres of boot space as standard, with 1,093 litres once you fold the rear seats down. The Corsa offers 267 litres of boot space, moving to 1,081 litres with the seats dropped. Both cars are just fine for what most need from day-to-day. They lend themselves well for being a great budget family car. If you’re a regular weekend camper or do a weekly shop for six then perhaps a bigger car would be a better choice.


Vauxhall Corsa vs Ford Fiesta performance

The Vauxhall Corsa and Ford Fiesta are quite evenly matched in day-to-day engine options. They both have a basic 75ps engine option which offers excellent fuel economy. These won’t win any prizes for take-offs from the traffic lights but they’re the perfect choice as a reliable, budget daily car. They both also have another similar engine option but with around 100ps, for a little extra punch.

This is where the Fiesta and Corsa separate. The Corsa branches away, with a turbo diesel engine and an electric option. Quite a clever selection to appeal to both the customers wanting something familiar and the customers wanting something new. As we all know, the countdown is on for pushing us towards more sustainable driving.

Having an electric car option in the Corsa line up is a smart way to ease customers into electric driving, offering an electric car version of a model they are already familiar with.


Although there isn’t a fully electric Fiesta - to the disappointment of many - the famous Fiesta ST is definitely unique between the two models. With a powerful 200ps in such a small, light shell, the Fiesta ST hot hatch has been a popular sporty option for many different types of drivers. The Fiesta does offer a manual or auto hybrid engine option if that is more your speed.

Vauxhall Corsa

  • 1.2-litre petrol 75ps
  • 1.2-litre turbo petrol 100ps
  • 1.2-litre turbo auto petrol 100ps
  • 1.2-litre turbo auto diesel 130ps
  • electric 136ps

Ford Fiesta

  • 1.0-litre petrol 101ps
  • 1.1-litre turbo petrol 76ps
  • 1.5-litre turbo petrol 200ps


Fiesta vs Corsa: Driving comparisons

The size of the hatchback Fiesta would give the impression that it would be best suited to city driving – which it manages brilliantly. Not only city driving, it also fun to drive from country roads to motorways.


Thanks to refined suspension and good placement of sound deadening to keep the cabin peaceful, the Fiesta drives equally as impressively on motorways too.


The Fiesta had three driving modes available: Normal, ECO, and Sport. Which helps tailor the drive to where you are and what you need. The smaller engine options offer around 55mpg, whereas the ST model is around 40mpg.

An almost identical story for the Vauxhall Corsa. Its size, build quality and economical engine choices mean it is a great all-rounder for urban driving and motorway journeys. With the smaller engine choices offering the same 55mpg as the Fiesta, it’s hard to choose a favourite.


Used Ford Fiesta or Used Vauxhall Corsa? Which is best?

Usually, it would be recommended to go for the car that hasn’t been discontinued. Though in this case, the Ford Fiesta has been so successful that it can’t be written off entirely. It set the benchmark that all hatchbacks had to reach throughout every decade since its production.

With used cars you want reliability and durability, a used Ford Fiesta can offer that and more.

No matter your priorities, there’s a clear choice of used Fiesta for you.


Yet, the Vauxhall Corsa has more proved itself against such a fierce competitor as the Fiesta. With a great range of engine options, especially with a future in electric, the Corsa promises longevity in the years ahead. A used Vauxhall Corsa would provide a secure ride for any driver, but particularly those looking to turn to an electric car in the next few years and want to familiarise themselves with a reliable platform before making the switch.


Used Fiesta or used Corsa? Which one holds its value?

The fact the Ford Fiesta has been discontinued does diminish its future value a little. As far as Ford sees, there’s no future with the Fiesta for them so it’s difficult not to let that reflect on a customer’s buying choice too.

The Vauxhall Corsa is making leaps, especially with a new Corsa electric powertrain. We are told repeatedly that electric cars are the future. The Corsa is fulfilling this promise and we can be sure the Corsa will hold its value, at least for the foreseeable.


Shop used Ford Fiesta and used Vauxhall Corsa

So, are you looking for your next car? Have the Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa caught your eye? At Bristol Street Motors we sell a great range of quality used Ford and quality used Vauxhall cars. We offer flexible finance offers to help you drive away in the perfect car for you.

We take great pride in giving you that ‘new car’ feeling, regardless of buying a quality used car. Book an appointment with us or speak to our expert team to discuss your next car.

Used Ford Fiesta

Used Vauxhall Corsa


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