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Find out what a cyberpunked future could look like in the UK with our futuristic renders of some of the nation’s favourited cars.
Bristol Street Motors

How A Cyberpunked Future Could Look

How A Cyberpunked Future Could Look

How A Cyberpunked Future Could Look On Our Roads

To celebrate the recent and much-debated release of Cyberpunk 2077, Bristol Street Motors wanted to visualise what a dystopian future might look like on the world's roads. To do this, we took four of the world's most popular cars, one red bus, a Tesla Cybertruck and gave them a Cyberpunk makeover.

Ford Fiesta

One of the most popular cars out there, it only makes sense that the Ford Fiesta would take centre stage in a future cyberpunked landscape. The Fiesta, along with its bigger brother the Ford Focus, are extremely popular cars to modify and the inhabitants of Night City would no doubt take this to new extremes.

The Fiesta maintains its signature styling while also getting a load of upgrades that are more fitting of a dystopian future. The windscreen is armour plated to keep out any unwanted attention and uses a camera so the occupant can see the road in front of them on a screen inside the car. Goodyear tyres ensure the added horsepower make its way onto the road.

MINI Cooper

A true icon of the UK, the MINI Cooper has been around in different forms since 1969 and is still an extremely popular pick with motorists today. Part of what makes the Cooper great is that its styling is so distinctive, becoming one of the most popular cars out there since its revamp at the turn of the millennium. We're sure that any Night City citizen would want to keep the original shape of the car, but of course add those Cyberpunk 2077 essentials.

A roll cage has been added to the cockpit to guard against any mishaps that Night City might throw at the occupant, and a chunky spoiler has been added for added downforce around the tight city streets.

Tesla Cybertruck

Although the Tesla Cybertruck is yet to be released, it can perhaps be considered as the most controversial car of the decade. The unconventional styling will perhaps be seen in the future as a watershed moment for the automotive industry. During the unveiling, Elon Musk or more specifically his chief designer Franz von Holzhausen threw a steel ball at the window of the truck to demonstrate how impenetrable it is. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out, with the window shattering due to an unseen crack.

However, our cyberpunked version won't suffer the same fate, with reinforced bodywork and windows more fitting of the rugged terrain on the outskirts of Night City.

Double Decker Bus

Red double decker buses have been an iconic symbol of London since 1907 when the London General Omnibus Company (L.G.O.C.) painted its buses red to stand out from the competition - so it makes sense that they would still be around in 2077. However, the futuristic, cyberpunked version of the London bus has been given a few improvements.

The holographic destination and number, along with the improved headlights, helps passengers see it coming from further away. The bus has also had more durable wheels installed for long, gruelling trips around the city. Of course, all games have easter eggs, and our cyberpunked images are no different. Take a closer look at the advert on the side of the bus for hover conversion technology... "Wheels are so 2076!".

Range Rover Evoque

When the Range Rover Evoque was originally released in July 2011, it received plaudits for its aesthetics, as it became increasing clear that Land Rovers were no longer just for the countryside. However, in the dystopian future of Cyberpunk, aesthetics goes out the window. Tagged with graffiti, the Evoque could certainly do with a good clean - but we're not really sure if carwashes exist in Night City.

Having four tyres on the rear of the car instead of two means that the Range Rover can handle the toughest of terrain, while also giving it an intimidating presence in the city. The ramp installed on the front bumper means that nothing stands in the Evoque's way.

Audi R8

By some distance, the fastest car on our list is the Audi R8, reaching 0 - 60 in 3.9 seconds and eventually hitting a top speed of 200mph. Perfect for the Night City ring road, the R8 adds an explosive element to proceedings. The most striking addition of the car is the external roll cage, safeguarding against any collisions. The pearlescent paintjob has seen better days, but in Cyberpunk 2077, functionality trumps aesthetics.

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