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How Can Your Business Benefit from the Ford Annual Investment Allowance?

How Can Your Business Benefit from the Ford Annual Investment Allowance?

Did you know?

Commercial vehicles fall under the ‘essential equipment’ category for your business, which means you are eligible for tax relief when you purchase a new one.

The more profit your business makes, the more tax you will have to pay. However, if you opt to use some of your profits to invest in a new Ford commercial vehicle, you’ll be eligible to claim your Annual Investment Allowance, reducing the amount of tax you need to pay. By choosing this option, you will be reducing your tax payments as well as being able to claim back the VAT of the van. 

You will have until the 31st March 2021 to claim your Annual Investment Allowance, so if your business requires a van, why not upgrade before the 31st March to make the most of this tax-free rate?

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Still have some questions about the Annual Investment Allowance?

Read our FAQs to learn more about the Annual Investment Allowance, or contact your local Ford dealership today, where one of our friendly experts will help with any queries you may have.  

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What is ‘Annual Investment Allowance’?

The Annual Investment Allowance allows you to claim up to £1 million tax-relief on any capital equipment for your business.

When do I have to claim my investment allowance?

You have until 31st March 2021 to claim your Annual Investment Allowance.

To start your search for a new Ford van, enquire online or give your local Ford dealership a call today for the very latest offers. We stock a superb range of Ford commercial vehicles to suit a range of budgets, tastes and business needs.

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What can I buy with my Annual Investment Allowance?

Your investment allowance can be used to purchase anything that qualifies as an investment for your business. For instance, office renovations, company machinery, lorries, trucks or vans all qualify.

What can I not buy with my investment allowance?

Any items that are for personal use, bought as entertainment purposes (i.e. a jukebox) or are classed as land and structure replacements do not qualify for the Annual Investment Allowance. Cars are also not eligible with the Annual Investment Allowance, but you could claim for business mileage and fuel costs. You must remain the owner of any investment equipment you buy with the investment allowance and must not lease out the equipment.   

Can I use the Annual Investment Allowance if I purchase a van on finance?

Yes, you can purchase a van on finance and still claim your Annual Investment Allowance. You will be able to receive the full rebate and keep the money in your bank for cash-flow purposes, while the interest on the finance agreement is 100% tax-deductible, too.

How much can I claim?

This depends on how long your account period is.

If your account period is less than 6 months, the amount you can claim will be reduced. If your account period is more than 12 months but less than 18 months, the amount will be increased.

Our team of friendly experts will be on hand to help you work out how much you can claim when you make an enquiry.

Can I still claim if I miss the deadline?

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next year to benefit from the Annual Investment Allowance. However, you still have time to invest in a new van and claim your Annual Investment Allowance this year!

Simply contact your local Ford dealership or enquire online today.

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