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When selling your vehicle, it can be tricky to get the best deal. Today, we’re offering some hints and tips on increasing the retail value of your car. Here are some factors to consider.
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How to Increase the Retail Value of my Car

How to Increase the Retail Value of my Car

When selling your vehicle, it can be tricky to get the best deal. Today, we’re offering some hints and tips on increasing the retail value of your car. Here are some factors to consider. 

Go easy on that mileage

The average annual mileage is roughly around 7,200 miles a year. Anything below is generally considered 'low mileage' and anything over it is classed as 'high mileage'. Factor this in when using your vehicle.

Look after the service history

Regular servicing and record-keeping will put you in good stead when it comes to selling your car. Keep all receipts in the servicing book too. The next prospective owner will welcome a recorded history of the work carried out on the car, rather than relying on word of mouth.

Check your tyres

Checking your tyres is a must. You will undoubtably get asked the tread depth left on your vehicle. You can check the depth with a 20p coin. For more information on tyre safety on a variety of vehicles, .

Plump for an MOT

A car with a long MOT will appeal to many. It indicates the car is safe, ready to go for another year and the owner is serious about selling.

Use genuine manufacturer parts

Need work completing on your car? Cheap aftermarket parts can be a temptation. But before you leap, genuine parts are worth the extra money. They’re more reliable and will add value when it comes to resale. Having the work carried out by an approved technician with these genuine manufacturer parts will reap bonus points.

Shout about the manufacturer warranty

If your car is still within any warranties, be sure to advertise this when selling. It’s a big plus and is a green flag for buyers who want a little extra reassurance that the car will last. Or can be fixed if something comes up.

Know your manufacturer

Brand reputation can be a factor. Does your model have a well-known common problem? Ensure that your car is as good an example as it can be. Keep the service history as detailed as possible and address any issues on your car in a timely manner.

Hold back on modifications

Although it's great to personalise your vehicle, modifications can often have a negative impact on the value of the car. Insurance tends to be a lot more straightforward without any modifications. Unless it’s an additional extra from the factory, it’s usually best to keep the car in its original state.

Consider the colour

Such a small detail and there’s nothing you can (or should!) do about that! But it’s worth factoring in that if you have a distinctive colour on your vehicle it could impact success on your audience - positively or negatively.

Condition of the car

Treat your car nicely. Damage to the interior, exterior or engine will, understandably, negatively impact the car's value. As will things like cigarette, vaping damage and pet hair. Keep your car regularly cleaned both inside and out.

Present it properly

Show your car in its best light and put some effort into quality photos that show your car well. Be sure to highlight any faults you should have included in your description (scratches or dents). Honesty will reward you with more genuine buyers and viewers with less of your time being wasted.

Sell My Car with Bristol Street Motors

Taking care of your car benefits not only your day-to-day experience but also the resale value when you come to sell it.

If you want to cut out the faff of setting up advertisements for selling your car, we’re here to help. In three simple steps, Sell My Car at Bristol Street Motors can arrange a valuation, a drop-off and a payment. And that’s it! Simply enter your reg now and start the process with Sell My Car.


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