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Ford has promised that the 2013 Ford Kuga will be a more practical car that is packed to the rafters with technological delights.
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Improvements all round for the all-new Ford Kuga

Improvements all round for the all-new Ford Kuga

The 2013 Ford Kuga hits the road in early 2013 and features improvements to both its exterior and interior designs.

As with any upgrade, people want to see well-loved ideas built upon and brand-new features brought to the table. Ford appears to have had this theory in mind when designing the all-new Kuga.

The American manufacturer has claimed that the car will improve where quality and quantity are both concerned. This is highlighted by it being a larger vehicle that comes complete with a more practical design.

Furthermore, Ford has reassured petrol heads that the 2013 Kuga will provide a better experience for those behind the wheel of the car when compared to the outgoing model, as well as being packed with much more technology.

So just how does the all-new Ford Kuga stand up to its manufacturer's claims?

Size isn't everything, but it definitely helps with the all-new Kuga

Quality over quantity is the message that every designer has to take into account. However, the developers of the 2013 Ford Kuga have found a perfect balance between the two.

Compare the specifications of the all-new Kuga with the outgoing model and you may notice that the fresh vehicle is stretched 100mm longer than the predecessor.

This expansion has allowed Ford to present more rear passenger space to owners, a design flaw that the previous Kuga was criticised for. Meanwhile, the boot space of the 2013 Kuga is 442 litres – up by 82 litres of the current model.

Make every journey a joy thanks to an intelligent all-wheel drive system

The 2013 Ford Kuga looks to take some of the pressure away from the person behind the wheel though, with the assistance of an intelligent all-wheel drive system. This feature works by constantly assessing the terrain of a road 20 times faster than the blink of an eye.

Every time an alternation in the terrain is discovered, the system will feed back the exact amount of power to each individual tyre that require the most grip. The result of this is that drivers can experience the perfect blend of handling and traction without ever needing to do a thing.

Bundles of technological gems await buyers of the all-new Kuga

Parking can sometimes be a nightmare, especially when trying to get into a precise spot at night. With the Active Park Assist though, drivers will receive a helping hand to ensure that a Kuga can be parked every time without any stress.

Another major safety issue for motorists is when they fail to check the blind spot of their car, but the Kuga's Blind Spot Information System uses a light on the car's door mirror to alert a driver every time another vehicle is in this troublesome area.

One of the quirkier technology features designed onto the all-new Ford Kuga is the fact that the car's boot can be opened or closed simply by waving a foot under its rear bumper.

The 2013 Ford Kuga goes on sale in the UK early next year.

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