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Drivers will be able to style the interior Vauxhall Adam to their heart's content, thanks to the huge variety of personalisation options on offer.
Bristol Street Motors

Individualisation is key with the new Vauxhall Adam

Individualisation is key with the new Vauxhall Adam

Drivers will feel as though they have an endless stream of choices to sift through when choosing the interior design of a new Vauxhall Adam.

In a press kit, the British car giant underlined that "every Adam car has the potential to be unique" due to the raft of options on offer.

This is particularly evident when drivers step inside the three-door hatchback with a twist and begin to decide how they want the livery styled.

For starters, motorists will be able to choose from black, cocoa, purple and simple white when picking the car's interior base hue.

However, this is just scraping the top of the surface. A further 15 varieties of seat treatments are on the table, as are 18 inter-changeable decor panels for the Adam's dashboard and door panels.

Even the ambient lighting package of the car is split into eight different settings, while headliners can be decorated in 'Sky (clouds), 'Fly' (autumn leaves) and 'Go' (Chequered Flag) finishes.

Malcolm Ward, design director at Vauxhall/Opel, pointed out: "Thanks to this incredibly fresh and audacious approach, ADAM can be personalised more than any car in the segment with virtually unlimited exterior and interior colour, fabric, decor and wheel combination possibilities."

Posted by Craig Salter