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DS Automobiles is continuing to grow its luxury range, with the DS 4 going on sale later this year. Find out what this new model has to offer!
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Introducing the DS 4

Introducing the DS 4

DS Automobiles is continuing to grow its luxury range, with the DS 4 joining the DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS 3 CROSSBACK and DS 9 later this year.

Taking design elements from the coupe crossover style and the traditional hatchback, the DS 4 features a compact design, which will look sleek both in and out of the city.  

Marion David, Product Director, DS Automobiles, said: “DS 4 was conceived to redefine the outline of the Premium C segment. It’s aimed at customers attracted by two body shapes: the new aspirational Coupe-SUV and the traditional compact hatchback. At every stage of its design, the idea of appealing to these two segments drove our decisions.”

The addition of the DS 4 increases consumer choice when it comes to the DS range. Already featuring the muscular DS 7 Crossback and soon to be joined by the sophisticated DS 9 sedan, the compact DS 4 finishes off the line-up perfectly.


Thierry Metroz, Design Director, DS Automobiles, commented: “Even before drawing the first pencil line, we worked for two years with our engineers shaping the technical platform. When we began the creative process, the room for manoeuvre we had in devising a new concept was incredible. Inspired by the DS AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept, the silhouette is unique in the segment with proportions that have never been seen before. The outline is athletic, very muscular, compact and sits on very large wheels. It’s turned out to be aerodynamic, efficient and charismatic all at once.”

On the outside, the new generation of DS MATRIX LED VISION headlamps add a modern touch to the DS 4, with a slimmer shape creating a piercing look. There is the option to add 20-inch alloy wheels to the DS 4 and the iconic DS grille design finishes off the sleek exterior style.  Customers will have seven colour options to choose from including two new colours – Copper Gold and Lacquered Grey.


Inside the DS 4, the digitalised cabin is tailored to the driver’s needs, making every journey easier. All controls are easy to use, with air conditioning and windows all controlled by the touch of a button.

Both drivers and passengers will experience comfort like never before thanks to the luxury materials used for the interior. DS has crafted leather materials, wood and forged carbon with new upholstery methods, creating a luxury space for everyone to sit back and relax.

Sustainability has also been a driving force behind the design of the new DS 4. It has been made from 95% reusable materials and 85% recyclable parts, with 30% of its weight sourced from renewable or recycled materials. Hemp has also been used to craft 20% of the interior dashboard.  


Plug-in hybrid technology will also be available in the DS 4 range and will deliver approximately 31 miles of zero-emission driving – perfect for the daily commute.  

The new DS 4 will go on sale later this year, so make sure to bookmark our newsroom so you don’t miss the latest updates on the new DS model.

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