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The rally star puts the Ford Fiesta through its paces on some of Hollywood's most recognisable film sets.
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Ken Block takes Ford Fiesta to extremes for new 'megamercial'

Ken Block takes Ford Fiesta to extremes for new 'megamercial'

Rally fans can see the Ford Fiesta like they've never seen it before in the latest Ken Block Gymkhana video.

In the clip, which is described as a "megamerical" by Ford and apparel firm DC, US rally star Block careers around film sets including Jaws in one of the most extravagant car adverts ever produced.

The video begins with Block Ford Fiesta growing from liquid metal before screeching away and power sliding in the car park of the famous Bates Motel.

Other scenes include flesh eating zombies, slow motion doughnuts, a daredevil gorilla and a series of impressive driving feats performed by the highly-skilled driver.

A scene involving some synchronised forklift trucks and some aggressive sliding is a particular highlight of the nine-minute promo.

Setting itself aside from standard commercials, the viral ends with Block climbing out of the car and exiting in a shopping trolley, while an explosion-littered Bollywood dance routine takes place in the background.

The clip is the latest in a line of breathtaking videos putout by the Gymkhana team.

Posted by Craig Salter