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The new All-Electric Ford Explorer is the vehicle attempting to travel around the globe.
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Lexie Alford to Travel Around the World with an All-Electric Ford Explorer

Lexie Alford to Travel Around the World with an All-Electric Ford Explorer

  • Lexie Alford will try to become the first female to travel around the world in an electric vehicle
  • The new All-Electric Ford Explorer is the chosen model for the adventure
  • Lexie’s route is inspired by Aloha Wanderwell, the first female to travel around the world
  • The vehicle will not have any special modifications prepared for the trip


Lexie Alford, @LexieLimitless on Instagram, will seek to become the first female to travel around the globe in an EV*. She’s also the youngest person ever to visit each country in the world.

On the 8th of September, Lexie began her Charge Around The Globe adventure from Le Hotel Royal in Nice, France. She attempts to travel through six continents and over 30 countries in a new All-Electric Ford Explorer.

The inspiration for the journey comes from Aloha Wanderwell, who was the first female to travel around the world. Approximately a century ago, Aloha also used a Ford, although petrol-powered, to complete her journey.

Just some of the strange things she experienced included:

  • Being pulled by an ox across mud, sand and rivers
  • Being pulled by humans in China, as it was impossible to buy fuel due to the civil war


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Martin Sander, general manager of Ford Model e Europe, said:

“This is an epic journey to prove what’s possible in an electric vehicle, as we know range and charging are the two main concerns people have when thinking about making the switch to electric.”

“Lexie will be putting charging infrastructure to the ultimate test; if she can get around the world in an EV, then anyone can use one in Europe, every day.”


Planning for the adventure

Before setting off, Lexie talked to the design and product development teams of the electric Ford Explorer. She also visited the Environmental Test Centre to get a feel of extreme temperatures. To top it off, Lexie completed an advanced driver training certification.

The electric Ford Explorer she is driving is a pre-production prototype model. It is almost the same as the production vehicle, which will be available to order in summer 2024. The vehicle has no special modifications.


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Ford Explorer interior
Ford Explorer interior


Charge Around The Globe challenge

The route of the journey will be inspired by Aloha Wanderwell. Lexie will be starting and finishing her journey in Nice, France, just like Aloha. She can expect severe weather conditions, and difficult terrains along the way. Plus, the most significant issue is likely to be the lack of charging opportunities.

To help Lexie during her journey, she will have a team of security and medics, along with mechanical and software support.


Lexie Alford commented on the upcoming journey:

“This is an epic adventure, but a tough one. It will be tough on the Explorer and with the amount of time on the road alone it will be tough on me and the support crew.”

“Any adventure worth having should challenge you though, and I can’t wait to explore the new places and meet incredible people to find out how they’re trying to make their corners of the world better.”


Ford Explorer all-electric


The New All-Electric Ford Explorer

The iconic SUV is now available with a fully electric powertrain. This vehicle will take you far in style. Are you ready for an adventure? The highlights include:

  • 14.6-inch high-resolution SYNC Move touchscreen
  • Hidden, lockable stowage behind the touchscreen
  • Precision soundbar
  • 17-litre MegaConsole centre storage
  • Up to 450 litres of boot volume
  • Partial Sensico seats with massage and memory functionality
  • Matrix LED headlights
  • Charge from 10-80% in 25 minutes with a DC rapid charger


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*The minimum requirement for setting a circumnavigation record is 28,968km. Lexie Alford must pass through two antipodean points, travel on at least five continents and start and end at the same location. RecordSetter officials will be located at various places around the world to verify her attempt.