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The Mazda MX-5 race team recently secured second in class with MX-5 GT and production race car in the Britcar Production GTN Championship.
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Mazda MX-5 race team celebrates success

Mazda MX-5 race team celebrates success

The Mazda MX-5 recently boosted its race credentials with a solid finish at the Britcar Production GTN Championship.

Graeme Fudge, the manufacturer's UK PR director, said this season has seen the model prove it can be a rival for other marques including Porsche and Lotus.

The comments come after the MX-5 GT and the firm's production race car secured second in class, competing against a number of GT4 race cars.

The firm added that a host of new developments have seen the MX-5 benefit from improved aerodynamics, grip and stability.

Mr Fudge commented: "Throughout this year's race season the MX-5 GT car has been subject to ongoing developments which has made the MX-5 GT an ideal GT4 endurance car which is competitive against Porsche, Lotus, Ginetta and Marcos.

"In just a year we have achieved fourth overall in the championship, three podiums and second in class overall."

The man from Mazda also heaped praise on Jota Sport, the team behind the design of the MX-5 GT, saying they are responsible for the model's "agility, reliability and handling".

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg