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The Dacia Duster has picked up major prizes at this year's FHM Awards and the 2012 Top Gear Awards ceremony.
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More high honours for the Dacia Duster

More high honours for the Dacia Duster

Just weeks before it hits roads across the UK, the Dacia Duster has been presented with two prestigious honours.

Drivers across the UK can get to grips with the Romanian manufacturer's innovative 4x4 from January, with critics in the motoring industry keen to deliver their praise for the vehicle in question.

For example, well-known men's magazine FHM has presented the Duster with its Best for When You’re Short on Cash feat at its 2012 awards ceremony.

Writers at the publication applauded Dacia for creating a vehicle that manages to be "big, robust and good-looking" all in one go.

Furthermore, it was written in the magazine that "as the economic fog swirls down our deserted high streets, the Dacia Duster arrives as a car of its time".

Before the Romanian car giant had an opportunity to savour its success at the FHM Awards, the Duster was presented with Top Gear's Bargain of the Year 2012 prize.

Critics at the much-loved motoring institution simply concluded that "no car in the world offers more freedom for your quid than the Dacia Duster".

However, rather than just leave it at that, the Top Gear team opted to show fans how the Duster handles on the Canon del Pato – a Peruvian stretch based up in the Andes and regarded as being one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

Upon driving along the challenging route, the critics acknowledged "we have subjected this simple, brilliant little car to punishment beyond anything that even Britain's most abused Defender has endured".

Indeed, the Dacia Duster is designed with rugged good looks that aim to handle any type of terrain without a hitch. This is thanks in part to the addition of high-ground clearance angles, which negotiate even the most difficult of obstacles.

Elegant chrome instrument surrounds also enable the vehicle's exterior design to catch the eye, while piano black interior detailing creates a beautiful haven inside the car.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg