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MOT tyre issues less of a worry in the East Midlands?

MOT tyre issues less of a worry in the East Midlands?

Posted by Louise Clark

Drivers in the East Midlands may have been much less likely than their counterparts in the capital to have had to invest in new tyres because of punctures in the last year.

Findings by vehicle repair firm Kwik-fit highlight that 28 per cent of consumers have seen their wheels damaged by faulty or debris-littered roads in the last 12 months.

Motorists hoping their vehicle will pass its MOT are likely to be among those who spent £300 million on new tyres in the past year after their wheels sustained damage on the roads.

Respondents to the study from London were shown to be the most likely to suffer a flat tyre, with four in ten saying they had encountered the problem. This is more than double the rate in the East Midlands.

David White, customer services director at Kwik-Fit, said: "Our research shows just how many drivers are inconvenienced by punctures or tyre damage every year."

He added that while many incidents do not require a new tyre, they often need to be repaired. This might be especially pertinent around MOT time when tyres will be checked for faults.

Recently, wheel safety group TyreSafe called on motorists to think of the dangers posed by part worn wheels.

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