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The NEC Motor Show will soon exhibit some of the most iconic vehicles. But what cars will make it at such events in the coming years?
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NEC Classic Motor Show: What makes a classic?

NEC Classic Motor Show: What makes a classic?

November marks the month where a number of top quality cars from across the decades descend upon Birmingham for the NEC Classic Motor Show. 

Already confirmed for the event are vehicles such as the 1968 Ford Escort Twincam Road Rally Edition, the Alfa Romeo Spider and the 1972 Chevrolet Camaro. 

While these cars have obviously established themselves as notable vehicles, as emphasised by their expected presence at the upcoming event, what does it take for the modern car to become a classic? 

Surely, a classic is an amalgamation of different factors. This includes, but is not limited to, exterior and interior design, how rare it is, performance, who has driven it, and perhaps even its pop culture presence - has it appeared in films, television, music videos or novels?

In terms of modern vehicles that exude this kind of presence, you'd perhaps turn to the supercars of the world. Your Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches will almost certainly become classics in years to come. 

However, are there more humble future classics on the UK road's today?

Arguably, a few MG's will be kicking around the list, despite the manufacturer limiting large scale production almost a decade ago. The MG F/TF instantly springs to mind - if not just for its quirky and compact design and the fact it was delivered by a former UK-based company.

What about Alfa? The company will be exhibiting its Spider at the NEC this month, but in years down the line will the 4C be deemed worthy of classic status? The small yet powerful looking car has all the potential and could be one of those models that are spoken fondly of for decades. 

For Ford, the GT40 is surely a classic in the making. However, other models like the Mondeo are unlikely to make an appearance on the list - despite the fact it delivers class, style and impeccable reliability. 

So, for you, what makes a classic? And what current vehicles, both modest and super, would you expect to see at shows in the coming decades? 

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