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The design team behind the new Ford Kuga has aimed for cross-continental appeal by studying customers from around the world.
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New Ford Kuga draws on global trends

New Ford Kuga draws on global trends

The new Ford Kuga will turn heads wherever it is driven, according to the Blue Oval.

Ford has revealed that its design team studied the differing demands of motorists from all over the world in order to build a model with genuine "cross-continental" appeal.

According to the firm, the new Kuga offers a range of colour, design and spatial solutions that meet the needs of customers from all across the globe.

Chris Bird, design director for Ford of Europe, explained that that great design can be the difference between an object that is needed and "an object you love".

"That is why we put so much thought and feeling into cars like Kuga, making them appealing and relevant no matter where our customers are," he commented.

The expert said it was important to strike a balance, saying US drivers are looking to downsize their vehicles, without compromising on style, while European and Asian motorists are choosing SUVs over coupes.

"We made this work by collaborating closely with our engineering colleagues on details including getting the size of the wheels just right and incorporating Ford's kinetic design in the exterior dimensions," he added.

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