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Renault's all-new Trafic van stars in a remake of the famous opening sequence of Knight Rider.
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New Renault Trafic stars in 'Knight Rider' remake

New Renault Trafic stars in 'Knight Rider' remake

The all-new Renault Trafic plays K.I.T.T. in a remake of the famous opening sequence of Knight Rider.

Renault has produced the video to celebrate the launch of its best selling light commercial vehicle, earlier this year.

Knight Rider is the cult TV show featuring Michael Knight, a modern-day hero working for a philanthropic foundation, and his high-tech car equipped with a built-in, artificially intelligent computer.

In Renault's film, Michael Knight has been replaced with everyday hero Michael Craftsman.

The aim is to creatively communicate the special bond that business owners have with the Renault vehicles they use for their businesses, and to showcase the performance of the firm's LCVs.

Renault's 'Trafic Rider' film can be seen here:

Caroline Mecha�, global advertising & media director at Renault, said: "This is an unprecedented initiative for a Renault LCV. The intention is to give Trafic a more dynamic image and reach out to a broader audience than simply business users."

We Are Social was the agency behind the film, Its managing director, Sandrine Plasseraud, said: "We have been working with Renault for several years now, particularly in France and, more recently, worldwide. This campaign shows off our creativity and our ability to come up with new, inventive ideas while remaining true to the brand's DNA and remaining grounded in the everyday experience of its customers."

by: Danielle Bagnall