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The winners are in for the Next Green Car Awards, 2013
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Next Green Car Awards 2013: Crossover Award: Captur 1.5 dCi Start-Stop

Next Green Car Awards 2013: Crossover Award: Captur 1.5 dCi Start-Stop

The green-leaning Next Green Car website (nextgreencar.com) announced the winners of its 2013 Next Green Car Awards yesterday; an awards system to celebrate the best in automotive economy and CO2 advancements, that includes the application of the latest technology and the vehicle's overall green credentials, or Green Car Rating (GCR).

Dr. Ben Lane, Managing Editor of Next Green Car, said; “The 2013 winners reflect two key elements underlying current green car development; drive-train electrification and continuing improvements in fuel efficiency.

"While all the winners are highly distinctive in the innovations they employ, they all excel at using new technologies to enhance the driver experience."

For 2013, the Crossover Award goes to the new Renault Captur 1.5 dCi Start-Stop, with its very low CO2 rating of 95g/km. The crossover new car market segment is one of the most buoyant in the UK at the moment, with the Nissan Qashqai leading the way with some excellent sales figures over the last few years.

A crossover vehicle is based on a hatchback-style chassis, but features taller bodywork and sometimes raised suspension, to offer passengers more interior space, a higher and better view of the road ahead for the driver, and a generally more chunky look and feel of things.

The Renault Captur represents the next generation of crossover models with its funky styling and impressive economy.

Next Green Car verdict: “Style-conscious, economical to run and affordable with excellent green credentials, the Captur is set to be the next big thing in the world of urban crossovers.”  

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