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It took part in the Brighton to London race.
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Nissan LEAF picks up two awards at RAC Future Car Challenge

Nissan LEAF picks up two awards at RAC Future Car Challenge

The Nissan LEAF has won two awards at this year's RAC Future Car Challenge, which pits the UK's most energy efficient vehicles up against each other. 

Taking the crown for the 'Best Overall Vehicle on Sale at Time of Event', the electric vehicle saw off 49 other low emission cars at the Brighton to London race.

It was also named 'Most Energy Efficient Regular Production Car', as researchers at London's Imperial College reported that the car cost just £1.83 to travel the 60-mile route.

In comparison, the best-performing petrol car cost £7.08 to run the journey, while the best hybrid engine cost £4.

"By comparing all of these new technologies on an equal basis it gives consumers and companies a chance to decide which one best suits their individual motoring needs," said Dr Ricardo Martinez-Botas from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the university.

The LEAF is currently being used in a number of electric vehicle trials to test for consumer attitude to the alternative fuel and to see how efficient they can be. It is one of the vehicles available under the government's Plug-in Car Grant.

Posted by Craig Salter