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Nissan has issued sneak peak at the new Juke.
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Nissan unveils new Juke R

Nissan unveils new Juke R

Japanese manufacturer Nissan has unveiled a sneak peak of its updated Juke.

Described by the firm as the "ultimate compact crossover", the new Nissan Juke-R was unveiled at a special media event in Malaga.

The unveiling was a last minute addition to the event's schedule, helping Nissan to create something of a buzz over the new model.

Fans of the original Juke will be clamouring to get behind the wheel of the updated version after the firm talked up its speed credentials.

"Shown for the first time in the metal, Juke-R continues to create a huge reaction, harnessing the bold design of Nissan's provocative Juke with the speed and power of the company's flagship GT-R � creating the world's fastest, most innovative, crossover," the firm said.

"The cars have been developed by Nissan and are being built by leading motorsports outfit RML with input from Nissan Technology Centre for Europe. Testing of the car will begin in November."

According to sales figures, British drivers have been impressed with the Juke's performance and will be looking forward to seeing how the new model improves on this.

Posted by Louise Clark