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Despite the standard model still being a couple of months away from launch, Vauxhall are already planning to release more powerful models of its Adam boutique car.
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Outlining the Vauxhall Adam VXR

Outlining the Vauxhall Adam VXR

The standard Vauxhall Adam has barely rolled off production lines and yet already a couple of hot variations are being touted for release.

Plans are being put in place by the British car manufacturer to launch more powerful versions of its innovative city car in the near future.

In fact, a Vauxhall Adam which can produce a powerful 138bhp will be launched within the next 12 months, if claims by Auto Express are to be believed.

Furthermore, Vauxhall has confirmed that it is in the process of creating a new, small-capacity direct-injection turbo engine. The motor can be compared to the readily available 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost engine and will be fitted under the bonnet of the Adam in late 2013.

Once installed, the turbocharged engine will enable the Vauxhall Adam to produce an extra 40bhp, which works in allowing the driver to reach 62mph in the vehicle from rest in less than ten seconds.

Auto Express also acknowledged that Vauxhall are keen to assemble a worthy rival to the Mini Cooper S. In order to achieve this feat, it is suggested that the car giant will create an Adam VXR which could make use of the Corsa VXR's 1.6-litre 189bhp turbo engine.

In the meantime, drivers are currently receiving the opportunity to get to grips with the standard Vauxhall Adam. Although not being released in the UK until February 2013, the first reviews of the boutique car are beginning to sneak out.

Daily Telegraph reviewer Andrew English was keen to point out that the unique car has "ludicrous amounts of options, but you can spec up quite a reasonable vehicle". In a similar train of thought, What Car? stated that "the Adam takes the art of car customisation to an entirely new level".

On top of the phenomenal list of customisation options – drivers can literally create millions of variations of the Vauxhall Adam – the car comes with air-conditioning, remote central door locking and a CD/DAB radio system as standard.

Posted by Craig Salter