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Peugeot has highlighted the successes of its 2-series range as part of its 200th anniversary celebrations.
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Peugeot 207 helps anniversary celebrations

Peugeot 207 helps anniversary celebrations

Peugeot has confirmed that the 2-series, including the current 207, has helped it to enjoy a long and successful history.

The first car in the series, the 201, was the first to use the company's current model numbering system when it was released in 1930.

As the years have passed the manufacturer has updated the cars on offer, to finally reach the current 207 model.

And the current car comes from the same background as all the others in the series that have come before it.

Each model has grown in popularity, with increasingly high sales, the company says.

"With this strong heritage to call upon, the current 2-series car, the 207, has evolved into the perfect combination with all the special Peugeot 2-series DNA," the manufacturer said.

A total of 26 models in the current 207 range qualify for zero vehicle excise duty - which may appeal to cost-conscious drivers looking for a new motor.