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Drivers have been given plenty to muse over with the release of the first official images of the all-new Peugeot 2008.
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Peugeot takes to the high ground with the new 2008

Peugeot takes to the high ground with the new 2008

The first shots of the all-new Peugeot 2008 have been released, with motorists sure to make note of the vehicle's higher driving position.

When it came to designing the brand-new vehicle, Peugeot first opted to share the car's platform and engine choices with those already seen on the standard 208 model.

However, the French vehicle manufacturer then opted to change things up a bit by making the 2008 supermini crossover larger in height than the 208, though still almost identical in length to any other supermini on the market today.

Where the numbers are concerned, the Peugeot 2008 will be 4.16-metres long from its rear bonnet to its front registration badge – around 20-centimetres longer than what is achieved on the 208 but never straying away from supermini territory.

Going back to the topic of engine choices for the new Peugeot 2008, the French car giant has packed its next crossover vehicle with at least one sub-100g/km option – which can achieve road tax-free motoring.

Three-cylinder petrol engines which made their debut in the Peugeot 208 are also making appearances, with further motor options set to be revealed at a later date.

Heading out from under the 2008's bonnet, drivers will also be able to see from the first snaps that the new car also comes packed with bold, 17-inch alloy wheels. Mud and snow tyres are also being offered by Peugeot, to help motorists who often commute around hazardous routes.

Elsewhere around the new Peugeot 2008's exterior is the addition of headlights styled to look like a cat's pupil, with these features acting as daytime running lights as standard.

A flowing roof line adds even more style and substance to the French car giant's latest supermini crossover, while the option of a panoramic glass panel will give the 2008 a more sporty touch.

The official debut of the all-new Peugeot 2008 is pencilled for March 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show, with the vehicle then set to hit UK roads in the summer.

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg