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The Vauxhall Adam, which is set to become the most flexible vehicle of its class, is now being produced.
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Production of the Vauxhall Adam begins

Production of the Vauxhall Adam begins

A landmark moment has been marked in a car factory in Eisenach, Germany, with the Vauxhall Adam finally being put on the production line.

Vauxhall and its sister company Opel celebrated the official start of the innovative car's production, with GM's vice chairman and GM Europe's president, hailing the move as a "new era" for both firms.

When the Vauxhall Adam launches across the UK in the spring, it is set to be the most flexible vehicle choice in its class.

This is particularly helped by the fact that drivers can choose between 61,000 exterior variations and 82,000 styles of interior.

While a key selling point of the Adam, Dr Thomas Sedran, deputy chairman of Opel/Vauxhall's Management Board, acknowledged that the depth of the car's variety also posed challenges where planning, logistics and manufacturing were concerned.

"Whoever orders an Adam today can be quite certain that they won't see an identical car. Almost every Adam will be unique – that's how extensive the diverse range is that we are building here," Dr Sedran acknowledged.

"The highly qualified Eisenach team as well as everyone in the company who has worked on this project can be proud of this day."

Posted by Sebastian Turkenburg