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There are plenty of benefits for fitting specialist winter tyres to a vehicle ahead of the fast-approaching chilly months.
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Reasons to invest in a set of specialist winter tyres

Reasons to invest in a set of specialist winter tyres

With the winter weather setting in across the UK earlier than usual, drivers should make an effort to get their car prepared for the chilly conditions as soon as possible.

Specialist winter tyres are one way to improve a vehicle so that motorists do not find themselves in trouble when the frost, ice and snow sweep the nation.

What makes winter tyres so different to standard tyres?

If drivers put a specialist winter tyre alongside its standard counterpart, one of the first things they will notice is how the former is made of a much softer rubber compound.

The result of this design choice is that cold weather products maintain a good level of grip and retain their flexibility when temperatures dip to freezing levels.

Even better grip in wet and icy conditions is possible through a different tread pattern, while a narrower look gives them a much greater resistance against skidding and aquaplaning.

When should you fit winter tyres?

The Met Office and TyreSafe have tried to answer this question by analysing how many days in the year temperatures across the UK dip below seven degrees celsius.

This marker is significant as research has shown that the benefits of winter tyres are most effective once temperatures fall under this figure.

According to the Met Office, the majority of the UK will struggle to record temperatures above seven degrees celsius between the beginning of October and the end of March.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, commented: "While last winter was actually milder than normal, these statistics are ample reason for motorists to still consider swapping to winter tyres from October to March, in fact 147 very strong reasons."

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