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Elegant styling, a strong accent on quality and a huge, lockable carrying compartment all feature on the Honda S-Wing 125 scooter.
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S-Wing 125 is all about style and quality

S-Wing 125 is all about style and quality

People who are after a scooter that is able to get them from A to B without a hitch, while looking stylish at the same time, should look no further than the S-Wing 125.

Honda engineers have ensured that this scooter is a perfect commuter vehicle that blends elegant styling features with a strong accent on quality throughout.

The S-Wing 125 is also able to deliver plenty of power, through a fuel-injected 125cc engine, though the bike's acceleration has been tuned to offer a smooth experience.

Riders and their passengers are guaranteed an even more comfortable ride thanks to the fact the S-Wing 125 comes complete with a low, stepped seat.

In order to underline that this is the perfect scooter for a commute, Honda has installed a large, lockable carrying compartment with enough space to hold a briefcase or full-face helmet with ease.

As if this was not enough, the compartment also contains a 12V DC socket, which is able to charge mobile phones and other electrical devices while on the move.

Riders should not leave home without the S-Wing 125.

Posted by Craig Salter