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From fluid levels to tyre pressure – these are the things Brits forget to check before their getaway.
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Skoda UK Unveils Which Checks British Drivers Miss Before a Road Trip

Skoda UK Unveils Which Checks British Drivers Miss Before a Road Trip

  • Up to 30% of British drivers don’t check their tyre pressure before a big trip
  • As many as 5% of motorists never check their car’s fluid levels
  • Issues with your car can result in accidents on the road
  • Prepare properly for your next getaway with our top tips, including a packing list


With Autumn approaching fast, there’s still a few warm weekends left. According to Skoda UK research, many Brits are choosing to travel within the UK this year. This is to save money due to the increased cost of living.

However, many motorists are not as ready to take off as they might think.

For instance, as many as 30% of drivers don’t remember to check the tyre pressure of their car before starting their trip. Under inflated tyres can cause serious harm, such as affecting the ability to brake properly.


Are you planning a road trip within the UK this year? Get your vehicle checked to get the green light.

Get your car checked


Skoda Research


Other key insights from the research

  • 53% of motorists check their fluid levels less than once every three months
  • An astonishing 5% of recipients never check their fluid levels
  • As many as 18% of participants don’t have roadside assistance cover
  • Surprisingly, 43% of UK drivers don’t carry additional water in the car in case of emergency or traffic
  • More than half, 52%, don’t have a first aid kit in the car


Those thinking that maintenance tasks are unnecessary might be in for a surprise. Failing to maintain your vehicle, such as keeping appropriate liquid levels and functioning windscreen wipers, may risk your safety. Also, if the police catch you, they may give you a £100 fine on the spot or three points on your driving licence.


Skoda Research


How to get your car ready for an upcoming adventure?

To read a full list of how to best prepare for a road trip in the UK, read our useful full guide.

A few quick things you can do to enjoy the journey more:

  • Check your tyre pressure and inflate tyres if needed
  • Check your tyre tread - it should be minimum of 1.6mm
  • Take high-visibility jackets with you in case of an accident
  • Check fluid levels and top up if necessary
  • Pack a first aid kit with you
  • Buy some spare water for the car, in case of delays
  • Make sure your air conditioning and heating systems are working
  • Ensure to stop and take regular breaks from driving


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