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Make sure your car is in top condition before setting off. Read our tips and advice for a successful road trip.
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Tips on Preparing Your Car for a UK Road Trip 2023

Tips on Preparing Your Car for a UK Road Trip 2023

  • Get a vehicle health check to drive with confidence this summer
  • Top up on all the essential liquids before setting off
  • If travelling in an EV, locate charging stations in advance
  • Are you not the only one driving the car? Get all drivers insured
  • Pack entertainment for your passengers to avoid boredom


Are you planning to stay in the UK this year? Great choice! Our country has so much to offer, from city breaks to country escapes.

But, before you set off, there are a few things to consider. We've rounded up a list of things to check before starting your journey, including a car health check, planning what to pack, and more.


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Road trip in the UK


Get your car ready for a road trip in the UK

During summer, we drive more than any other time of the year. It’s important to make sure that your vehicle is ready to take on those extra miles.

Get a summer vehicle health at Bristol Street Motors for your peace of mind. We offer a range of services from basic checks to a thorough testing process.

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Do your own car health check at home by:

  • Checking tyres
  • Checking front and rear lights
  • Viewing oil levels
  • Viewing screen wash level
  • Checking coolant level


Make sure you pack these with you:

  • Car insurance papers
  • Breakdown cover, if not included in the insurance
  • Your V5C
  • Navigation device
  • Paper map
  • Any cables, such as an EV charger and phone charger


Road trip in the UK


How to prepare for a road trip?

Even if the weather forecast is promising sunny skies, it’s always a good idea to pack for all weather. Especially if you plan on sleeping in a tent, where temperatures might drop suddenly during the night.

Plan your trip, as simple as that. Some roads you were planning to take might have road works or be closed completely. It's also a good habit to take a break after every two to three hours of driving. This will allow you to stretch your legs and regain focus for another stretch of driving.

If you have an electric car, make sure you are aware of how far you can drive with one charge. You should also be aware of your nearest charging stations to reduce range anxiety. You can view all the available charging points with the Zapmap.

Other things to do before you set off:

  • Clean your car, inside and out
  • Download songs and movies
  • If more than one person is going to drive the car, add them to your insurance as a registered driver
  • Get stocked up on snacks and water
  • Buy toiletries, such as tissues, hand gel and wet wipes
  • Make sure you have sunglasses with you in the car


Road trip destinations in the UK

Still wondering where to visit this year? Read our article on the Top Places to Visit This Spring - Your Accessible Guide to find new places to explore. Our top tips include Brixworth Country Park in Northamptonshire, and more.

Some other great places to visit are:

  • Edinburgh
  • Yorkshire Dales
  • Causeway Coastal Route
  • Bath
  • Lake District


Enjoy your trip this summer! For more tips and articles, visit our newsroom.