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Skoda has added a third model to their SUV range, creating another option to fulfil the needs of customers who are looking for the perfect city SUV.
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The All-New Skoda Kamiq: What We Know So Far

The All-New Skoda Kamiq: What We Know So Far

Skoda has added a third model to its SUV range, creating another option to fulfil the needs of customers who are looking for the perfect city SUV.

Here's what we know so far about the all-new Skoda Kamiq to get everyone prepared for the highly anticipated launch.

The Skoda Kamiq already takes resemblance to the other SUVs in the range, with all three beginning and ending with the same letter, showcasing consistency across the range.

Alain Favey, SKODA AUTO Board Member for Sales and Marketing explained: "The name KAMIQ comes from the language of the Inuit people living in northern Canada and Greenland and means something that fits perfectly in every situation - like a second skin."

The all-new Skoda Kamiq lives up to the meaning behind its name - it fits perfectly into everyone's lifestyle.

Although defined as a compact SUV, the space the all-new Skoda Kamiq offers is impressive. The spacious interior gives plenty of legroom inside and ample space in the boot, making it a perfect choice for families. Combined with the quality materials used, the new Kamiq is comfortable for all journeys, long or short. The compact design, however, enables a nippier drive around built-up areas and narrow streets, making the school run and daily commute easier and hassle-free.

But it’s not only an SUV for families. The sporty design and sleek silhouette will complement the lifestyle-oriented consumer or those who want to add some flair into their life. It features the latest technology to keep you entertained and connected on your journey.

It’s not only the names which represent consistency across the Skoda SUV range. It’s already known that the Skoda Kodiaq and Skoda Karoq feature exceptional safety features, which has also been passed down to the Kamiq. Including features like Lane Assist, Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, Predictive Pedestrian Protection and Multi-Collision Brake, the all-new Skoda Kamiq makes driving easier and safer. 

The Kamiq has already been recognised for its ability to protect passengers by receiving a 5-star rating in the Euro NCAP assessment.

Christian Strube, SKODA AUTO Board Member for Technical Development, explains: "The active and passive safety of our vehicles is a top priority for SKODA. The fact that the KAMIQ, our latest model, has now received another maximum five-star score in the Euro NCAP crash test shows what a high bar we have set ourselves for the safety of our vehicles and provides another demonstration of how successful our engineering work is in this area."

The benefit of this is that customers are able to put their trust into the Skoda Kamiq, reassuring them that they are in safe hands whilst on the road.

"I am convinced that the KAMIQ will make a strong debut in the dynamic, growing city SUV segment - with its emotive design, state-of-the-art assistance systems and a generous amount of space, it has everything it needs to win over a great number of new customers," says Alain Favey.

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