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The Mazda CX-30 received a five-star rating in the latest Euro NCAP safety tests.
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The New Mazda CX-30 Receives A 5-Star Safety Rating

The New Mazda CX-30 Receives A 5-Star Safety Rating

In the latest Euro NCAP safety assessments, the all-new Mazda CX-30 received an impressive 5-star safety rating.

Euro NCAP assesses four areas in their tests, which include Adult Occupant Protection, Child Occupant Protection, Vulnerable Road User Protection and Safety Assist features. The vehicle undergoes different crash scenarios (frontal, rear and side tests) and is marked on how well the vehicle and its features protect these four important areas.

The Mazda CX-30 scored maximum points in the full-width rigid barrier test, which is when the vehicle collides head-on with a stationary object, showcasing good protection to all critical body parts for both the driver and back seat passengers.

Full marks were also awarded to the CX-30 in the side barrier impact test because good protection for all critical body parts on the 6-year-old and 10-year-old dummy was recorded. The only area that gave marginal protection to the neck of the 10-year-old dummy was in the frontal offset test, however, the protection to other critical body parts on both child dummies was good.

For families who would be using a child restraint in the front seat, Euro NCAP assessed the front airbag situation. The airbag can be disabled and clear information is provided on how to do so, which means a rear-ward facing child restraint can be safely fitted in the front seat.  

When the CX-30 was involved in a rear-end collision, the head restraints and seats provided good protection against whiplash. The standard-fit Smart Brake Support also performed exceptionally well. Most whiplash injuries occur at low speeds when driving around built-up, urban areas, however, the Smart Brake Support system in the Mazda CX-30 avoided all potential collisions that occurred in the test scenarios, eradicating any potential whiplash injuries or accidents.

The test doesn’t only assess the protection of those inside the vehicle. Vulnerable road users, which includes cyclists, are also assessed.

It was found that the Mazda CX-30 offered good protection to the head, over nearly the whole surface of the bonnet, if a pedestrian was to be hit. The bumper also performed well, offering good protection to the legs and pelvis of a pedestrian.

The Smart Brake Support system can also detect vulnerable road users, and this was tested to see how well it reacted to pedestrians. The system performed adequately and, in most scenarios, accidents were avoided or eased so the impact was not as damaging.

Finally, the safety features included in the Mazda CX-30 scored a respectable 77% and included:

- Seatbelt reminder
- Lane Assist
- Speed Assistant System
- Smart Brake Support

All safety features aided the driver, helping to avoid drifting into the wrong lane and making driving at highway speeds easier. The seatbelt reminder works for both the front and rear passengers and the speed assistant system helps the driver to keep to the speed limit by using a camera to digitally map the local speed limit.

Overall, the all-new Mazda CX-30 performed well in the latest Euro NCAP test, which was shown with the 5-star rating it was awarded.  

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