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The One-millionth Mazda CX-5 rolls off the production line

The One-millionth Mazda CX-5 rolls off the production line

Mazda's popular compact SUV has reached a production milestone just three years after going on sale.

The one-millionth Mazda CX-5 rolled off the assembly line at the end of April, after going into production in late 2011. Only one other model from the carmaker  the Mazda3  has reached the millionth mark faster.

Introduced to the fast-growing global segment in February 2012, Mazda's first-ever compact crossover was also the first production model with the complete range of SKYACTIV Technology and a KODO: Soul of Motion design.

The CX-5 thereby ushered in a new era at Mazda that has helped put the carmaker on the road to success. The model has since won more than 60 awards worldwide. In the UK, the CX-5 continues to win praise from journalists and owners alike, with more than 19,000 sold since its debut in 2012.

Masashi Otsuka, CX-5 programme manager, said: "I am delighted to see the CX-5 reach the 1 million unit mark in only three years and five months. I would like to express my gratitude to the people all over the world who have appreciated and supported the CX-5. We are committed to continue enhancing this model into the future to ensure that it remains a popular choice among people with active lifestyles and will appeal to even more customers."

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert