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Check out our top tips on how to travel safely with your dog in the car.
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Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Whether you’re taking a short trip into town or you’re off on a longer adventure, it’s always nice to journey with your dog by your side.

However, it’s not always plain sailing - and safety always comes first. In this article, we will share our top tips to keep you and your dog(s) safe whilst travelling.

Firstly, what is the law around travelling with pets in your car?

Pets must be properly strapped in whilst travelling to prevent distraction to the driver. If you fail to adequately confine your pet, you could face disqualification, points on your licence and/or a fine for careless driving. Thankfully, there are plenty of handy accessories that can help with this. Read on to learn more...

Invest in a seat belt for your dog

You wouldn’t travel without a seat belt on, so why should your pooch? Just like a human’s seat belt, a dog seat belt or harness will ensure your dog is safely secured. Plus, they are adjustable for optimal comfort and many come padded, for extra protection.

dog in car with seatbelt on

Create a safe space with a crate

If you think your dog would be more content in their own little bubble, a crate in the boot could be a great option. You can add blankets to make it a warm and comfortable space, and it will also limit scratches and marks on the upholstery of your car. Win-win!

dogs in a boot crate

Be aware of the temperature

If you’re travelling with your dog in the summer months (or even during the winter with the heating on), remember warm temperatures for humans can feel even hotter for our furry friends.

Make sure you bring plenty of water to offer them throughout the journey, crack a window open if needed and take regular breaks to let your dog out of the car to stretch their legs when you can.

Never leave your dog alone in the car

If you park up somewhere, try to let your pet out of the car as soon as possible – even on days that may not seem that warm to you. Weather can change quickly and cars absorb heat easily due to the fact they are made up of metal and glass. The temperature inside a car can reach almost double the outside temperature - so it really is essential that pets are never left unattended in a vehicle.

If you know you need to nip somewhere where the dog can’t come too, see if someone can take care of your dog in your absence. Even a quick trip is not worth the risk. If you spot this happening when you’re out and about, find out how to rescue a dog left in a hot car.

Keeping your dog content on your travels will make journeys even more enjoyable. Remember, not all dogs love a road trip, so it’s best to leave them with a caring companion if they’d rather stay home!

Looking for a car that will suit all members of the family, including your pooch? Check out our top cars for dog owners, or contact your local Bristol Street Motors dealership today.

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