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Top All-Women W Series Drivers Go Head-To-Head In Texas Drag Race

Top All-Women W Series Drivers Go Head-To-Head In Texas Drag Race

The two top British W Series drivers, Jamie Chadwick and Alice Powell, who were inseparable during the 2021 season, went head-to-head in a ‘drag race challenge’ at the Alamo City Motorplex, Texas.

The drag race, organised by W Series, its coverage sponsor Bristol Street Motors and production company Whisper, coincided with the thrilling season showdown that took place last month in Austin, Texas.

The additional challenge saw W Series 2021 champion, Jamie Chadwick, and her biggest rival this year, Alice Powell, driving Ford Mustang racing cars, branded with the Bristol Street Motors and Click2Drive logos.

The exciting contest forms part of Bristol Street Motors’ ongoing commitment to support W Series, beyond the end of their 2021 racing season.

Catherine Bond Muir, CEO of W Series, said: “Like W Series, Bristol Street Motors is committed to changing the face of our industry by creating more opportunities for women in what have traditionally been male-dominated roles. W Series supported Formula 1’s United States Grand Prix, with the final race of our 2021 season live and free-to-air on Channel 4.

“I am delighted that Bristol Street Motors joined us as a sponsor for what was an unforgettable weekend, when young girls and women around the world watched Jamie Chadwick become W Series champion in front of a capacity crowd at the Circuit of the Americas.”

Jamie Chadwick, two-time W Series Champion, said: “While going to Austin was about our final two races of the season, which were shown in the UK on a Bristol Street Motors sponsored programme, it was a lot of fun doing the drag race for them in America.

“Racing drivers are always competitive and so Alice and myself both wanted to come out on top. I love all cars but the Mustang I drove was pretty special. Their Click2Drive platform is a great idea and I may be using it one day.”

Robert Forrester, CEO of Bristol Street Motors, said: “With a nail-biting climax to the season, the Bristol Street Motors sponsorship of Channel 4’s coverage of W Series has been very successful, and to see a British champion crowned was fantastic.

“We’re delighted to announce we’re continuing our support of W Series”

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