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The Electric Streets of Britain campaign aims to support those without off-street parking to charge their vehicles.
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Vauxhall Launches Electric Streets Initiative to Boost On-Street Charging

Vauxhall Launches Electric Streets Initiative to Boost On-Street Charging

The Electric Streets of Britain campaign aims to support those without off-street parking to charge their vehicles.

Recent research commissioned by Vauxhall showed that 40% of households in the UK do not have off-street parking for charging their electric vehicles.

Working with a number of providers, Vauxhall’s initiative aims to speed up installation of on-street residential charging points.

Motorists can fill out a short survey to help provide councils with data on the areas where these are needed most.

What is the Electric Streets of Britain initiative?

Vauxhall has launched its Electric Streets of Britain campaign. This is after recent research revealed that many areas of the UK lack access to on-street charging.

The research, which came from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, showed that over 80% of electric vehicles were charged at home. However, up to 60% of households in urban areas have no driveway for charging.

The initiative is Vauxhall’s response to this and hopes to accelerate the installation of on-street public charging points across the UK.

Though this is not the first initiative from the brand, after a previous partnership with JustPark in 2022 to improve UK electric vehicle charging.

To aid the campaign, Vauxhall has partnered with on-street charging operators Char.gy, Connected Kerb, and SureCharge.

They have also created a simple form for motorists to fill in to help gain an indication of where these charging points are needed.

This data will then be shared with local councils to help ensure practical decisions are made when it comes to investing in on-street charging.

How can you get involved?

Key to the success of the Electric Streets of Britain initiative is participation. Vauxhall has urged motorists far and wide to complete the form to help collect the data needed.

You can register your needs online in a few simple steps:

1. State whether you own an electric vehicle

2. Confirm whether you have access to off-street parking

3. Enter your postcode and submit

Anyone is welcome to complete this form, regardless of whether they own an electric vehicle, plan to own one, or own a non-Vauxhall vehicle.

The more participants who fill out the form, the better in order to build an extensive nationwide map for current demand.

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Switching to an electric or hybrid model brings you several benefits, including:

  • Lower or zero tailpipe emissions
  • Reduced or no road tax depending on emissions
  • Access to 45,737 public charging points nationwide*
  • A smoother, quieter driving experience
  • Reduced running costs

*As of July 2023, according to Zap-Map.

You can learn more about the benefits of switching to an electric or hybrid vehicle at our electric car hub.

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