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Volvo are to reveal nine new models over the next five years, according to Carbuyer.
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Volvo plan nine new models over the next five years

Volvo plan nine new models over the next five years

The XC90 will be the first of nine new Volvo models to be revealed over the next five years, according to Carbuyer.

The new models will be spread across the three ranges: 90, 60 and 40, with three versions in each  the S90 is to follow this year's XC90 reveal, which will replace the previous Volvo S80 saloon. A V90 estate will be next, before the S60, V60 and XC60 are focused on. Plus, the V40 is to be replaced and, an XC40 baby SUV and S40 small saloon will both be added to the range.

Volvo plans to aim the '90' models at sophistication and luxury, the 60s will have a more sporty feeling and the 40s will be more about fun.

The new XC90 is first of its cars to carry the company's new iron mark: a diagonal slash across the grille introducing a new face for Volvo's forthcoming generation of cars.

Volvo product boss Lex Kerssemakers told Carbuyer: "It's easy to produce three-cylinder engines from the Drive-E range and we hope to introduce them in the near future."

Volvo currently has no plans to produce the recent concept coupe that was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Kerssemakers commented: "I know my colleagues would love to do it, but I have to say 'no'. We need to get our basic line-up in order before we slowly start to put the icing on the cake.

"Nine models are enough for now. When you do the maths and look at sales volumes, we have to focus  our rivals' bread-and-butter cars account for 60-80 per cent of their total volume. That's where we want to be to achieve our growth target of 800,000 cars a year."

Polestar performance models have also been considered and will be a part of the future model range, Kerssemakers confimed.