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Why Mazda is a great brand to work with

Why Mazda is a great brand to work with

Dealers have described Mazda as a "great brand to work with."

UK dealers and customers have been positive and enthusiastic about the brand's new look and its soaring sales are boosting profitability.

Mazda UK is planning on completing installation of the brand's new visual identity on 80 per cent of its 136 strong dealer network by next March.

The new look was pioneered in the UK as part of a European-wide project and comes as Mazda experiences sales growth of 20 per cent.

Managing director Jeremy Thomson commented: "The new look has great kerb appeal and is very cost effective." He sees the revamp as a great endorsement of Mazda with dealers investing in the brand.

It's a view backed by dealers and has been described as refreshing. The new upmarket look and feel has had customers reacting positively.

Mazda sales have jumped from 25,000 to over 37,000 in just a couple of years, resulting in a more profitable and efficient dealer network.

Thomson added: "It means more cars sold through existing outlets which is helping dealer profitability and reinforcing our position as the franchise of choice for those dealers who want to expand their portfolio."