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The Renault Clio Williams is being reinvented but the new version will not carry on the distinctive blue and gold colour scheme.
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Will Clio fans take to new Williams colour scheme?

Will Clio fans take to new Williams colour scheme?

The famous collaboration between Renault and Williams racing is to take a new direction, it has been announced.

Fans of the distinctive navy blue vehicles with gold wheels and detailing may be disappointed to hear that the new Williams Clio will be styled using a different colour scheme.

However, to those looking for a touch of nostalgia in their hot hatches, the firm has claimed the change-up is a move forwards.

Industry publication Auto Express has stated that Renault insiders have confirmed that the navy and gold era is being ushered out to make way for a new dawn of cars.

"The look of blue paintwork with gold wheels was a very distinctive one, but the new car won't look backwards – it'll look forwards," a source told the magazine

"That's why a new colour scheme will be developed."

Renault is set to launch a re-imagined version of the legendary hot hatch as a celebratory model to mark the end of current Clio production in 2012.

Whether the new colour scheme will capture the imagination of Clio fans however, remains to be seen.

Posted by Craig Salter