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Mark Webber has talked up Red Bull's chances of glory this year ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.
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2012 prospects look promising for Red Bull, says Mark Webber

2012 prospects look promising for Red Bull, says Mark Webber

Australian Formula One (F1) ace Mark Webber has revealed he is focused on earning more points for his team over the weekend and is confident of Red Bull's prospects for the 2012 season.

F1 heads to Bahrain this weekend and while the fragile political situation in the country has grabbed the headlines, Webber is concentrating solely on the race ahead.

Webber has out-qualified his team mate Sebastien Vettel so far this year but has ultimately finished fourth in all three races.

The star, who is one of eight drivers relying on the power of RenaultSport's RS27 engine, claimed that Red Bull's car is always being improved; meaning the team and both drivers will be in the running for honours this year.

Commenting on the season so far, the Aussie racer said: "We have very good departments that work as best as they can. We constantly improve the car, and also understand what we need to move forward.

"There is no one single feature of a car that does the trick - everything needs to work well together. Last year we had the good fortune that we achieved exactly this at many race weekends."

At present, McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton leads the way in the race to dethrone current two-time champion Vettel.

However, the Brit has yet to win a race and this has left the other drivers with hope that a few good results could see them take the challenge to Hamilton.

Webber revealed he was happy with his stat to the season but less so with his performance last time out in China.

"I was very happy with both the Australian and Malaysian qualifying and what I got out of the car. In China I was not too happy with the Q3 lap, but very happy with the Q2 lap," he added.

"[It has been] a little bit frustrating that we have not been able to get on to the front row, although it was quite close in Malaysia"

Posted by Craig Salter