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5 'alluring' new Peugeot cars set for launch

5 'alluring' new Peugeot cars set for launch

Posted by Louise Clark

Vehicle manufacturer Peugeot has announced plans to launch an alluring line-up of new models this month.

Five vehicles will join the firm's Allure range, appealing to new Peugeot car buyers with budgets from £9,900 to £22,795.

The first model in the range will be the 107 Allure, complete with 14-inch alloy wheels and air conditioning and available in three or five-door options. Following the 107 will be the 207 with dark tinted rear windows and 17-inch alloys.

Peugeot is also giving the Allure treatment to the 308, fitting the car with 18-inch alloys, while the CC versions of the 207 and 308 will also be released in the range.

All the models will extend their appeal to new Peugeot buyers by offering leather interiors.

"With five models all full of extra allure, there has never been a better time to drive away in a new Peugeot," the manufacturer commented.

Earlier this year, Peugeot celebrated its 200th anniversary with a brand re-launch that saw its sales rise by almost 50 per cent, year-on-year.