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Alfa Romeo introduces the all-new 4C Spider

Alfa Romeo introduces the all-new 4C Spider

The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is set to make its European debut alongside the latest Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The Coupé has undergone a number of significant changes for 2015, including more features as standard and a wider range of options. However, the new 4C Spider is predicted to steal the limelight.

The 4C Spider is noticeably different when viewed from behind, where its body-coloured engine cover, three heat extractors and rear spoiler are clearly visible. At the front, the 4C Spider is equipped with projector-style xenon headlamps as standard and a vibrant new Giallo (yellow) paint scheme joins the colour palette.

Built around an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoque, weighing just 107kg, minimal structural enhancements were required to transform the Coupé into Spider. The main developments include a new aluminium rollover structure, which is nestled underneath the black "halo", a specially-developed carbon fibre windscreen frame and an engine compartment cross-member made from high-strength steel.

New performance features to debut on the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider include the optional Akrapovi titanium exhaust system, which is mounted centrally, and a new carbon-fibre air intake system. A number of new wheel designs will also debut on the 4C Spider in 17/18-inch (front/rear) or 18/19-inch sizes, finished in silver or black.

The 4C Spider will be powered by the same, all-aluminium, 240bhp engine as the Coupé. It has a top speed of 160mph and can hit 60mph in less than 4.5-seconds.

by: Sophie Williamson-Stothert