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Alfa expects the 4C to be one the lightest cars in the world.
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Alfa Romeo reveals details of compact supercar 4C

Alfa Romeo reveals details of compact supercar 4C

Technical details of the Alfa 4C have been revealed ahead of its UK launch in July, with a focus on lightness and efficiency over increased horsepower.

Alfa Romeo is aiming to make the 'compact supercar' attainable by opting for less power and with a dry weight of 895kg it's set to be one of the lightest cars in the world, with a Formula 1-inspired carbon fibre monocoque weighing 65kg.

Beyond the chassis, a 15 per cent weight reduction has been achieved by making the windows ten per cent thinner through a real silhouette-thinning process, while aluminium has been used to reinforce the front and rear frameworks of the roof . The result is a weight to power ratio of 4kg/HP.

The Italian manufacturer is unveiling the 4C at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it will take on the famous Hill Climb. Powered by a new 1750 Turbo petrol engine and featuring technology such as the ALFA TCT twin dry clutch transmission, the 4C is intended to offer "maximum driving satisfaction".