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Bristol Street Motors Welcomes A New Hyundai Dealership

Bristol Street Motors Welcomes A New Hyundai Dealership

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Hyundai, which will be added to our sister company's dealership, Vertu Specialist Cars, in Silverlink, Newcastle.

The site will be renamed Bristol Street Motors Hyundai Silverlink and will also benefit from a full refurbishment to mark this great news.

Jeff Aynsley, general manager at Bristol Street Motors Hyundai Silverlink, said “The franchise is an addition to our site which continues to showcase and sell a wide range of premium used vehicles. The team will continue to offer first-class expertise across service, warranty and repairs on Infiniti cars.” 

Before the Hyundai franchise was added to the dealership, Vertu Specialist Cars sold a wide range of premium used cars, which will still be the case. The only difference will be that the dealership will also offer customers a fantastic choice of Hyundai models, including the brand’s hybrid and electric range.

Jeff Aynsley said: “This is another exciting venture at the Silverlink site.  In Hyundai, we have a franchise that is innovative and forward-thinking, particularly in the ‘green’ market.  I am looking forward to introducing customers to the full range of Hyundai vehicles, particularly the hybrid and electric options.”

Hyundai has been working hard on providing customers with a great range of electric vehicles in the past few years, with the launch of the IONIQ back in 2016 being the only car available in hybrid, electric and plug-in variants. Now there is also the Hyundai Kona that has been added to the electric range, which is the first fully-electric subcompact SUV in the European market.

The site will also welcome Motability customers, with the general manager expressing how “delighted” he is “that Motability customers will be able to choose a Hyundai vehicle that best suits their needs. “The team at Bristol Street Motors Hyundai Silverlink include specialists who will be on hand to help customers find the most suitable car for their needs. It also allows those who are on the scheme to have access to an incredible range of Hyundai vehicles.

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