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Read on to find which colour has been named the most popular car colour of 2019!
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Britain's Most Popular Car Colour Has Been Revealed

Britain's Most Popular Car Colour Has Been Revealed

It’s been revealed that the most popular car colour of 2019 was´┐Ż drum roll, please´┐Ż GREY!

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders released the data, showcasing that one in five new cars last year were grey, with black being the second most popular choice.

Grey cars counted for more than one-fifth of new cars in 2019, with an astounding 521,000 painted in the popular colour.  This isn’t the first-time grey has been crowned the winner. Back in 2018, black was once again pipped at the post by grey, coming out on top for the first time. Before this, black and white were the main competitors to win the title, with both alternating the top podium position since 2009.

White, blue and red also made it in the top 5, but unfortunately for cream, maroon and pink, it was the bottom of the colour barrel for them. Blue was also the colour the majority of Ford Fiesta buyers chose, which was also the most popular car choice of 2019.

Other colours that were included in the top 10 car colours of 2019 were green, bronze and yellow. However, each of these colours made up less than 1% of the colours of new cars, with yellow making up only 0.3%.

It might be an official statistic, but we want to know your views.

Would grey be your choice of car colour? Or is there another colour of the rainbow that you prefer?

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